Iron man

Iron man

As a member of /tri club denmark, you have the opportunity to get inspiration for your training by using our standard training programs for the Ironman distance. The programs were developed and lent by Kim Greisen and further developed by Brian Overkær for /tri club denmark. The training programs have 3 levels in each discipline, which means that you can put together your own training program according to your weak and strong points; Eg. you can follow elite programs for swimming and basic programs for running and cycling. If you miss a challenge along the way, it is possible to switch between the programs. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to create an individual training program for all participants, but everyone is welcome to ask questions about their training along the way. Below is an explanation of our training programs. Remember that the programs are just guidelines and must be adapted to your needs.

All training sessions in the programs are marked with a priority, which shows how important the various training sessions are in the week in question. This means that 1st priority has 1st priority and 2nd priority has 2nd priority, etc. If you are prevented from training all of the week's training sessions for a week, you must therefore cut training sessions with the lowest priority. It can, for example, happen if you are away travelling, busy at work, ill or perhaps just not properly recovered.

If you have to do 9 training sessions in 7 days, this means that on some days you will have to train several times, e.g. morning and evening. You can also make a cross pass, where you e.g. swimming and running or cycling and running, etc. That way, you do 2 workouts in one workout. You should therefore sit down with your calendar and make a plan for your week. Remember to be realistic about your own time and remember that you will get stronger when you recover and it is therefore not certain that you have to do all the training sessions every week - listen to yourself during the process.

The training programs are prepared for 40 weeks. When you know what your goal is, you must count backwards from that day and then start "training program 1" 40 weeks before your big goal. If you have more than 40 weeks to your big goal, then you can simply do basic training by following week 1. If you have less than 40 weeks to your big goal, e.g. 37 weeks, then you simply start with "training program 4" and follow the last 37 weeks of the programs.

Heart rate zones when cycling

Heart rate zones for swimming and running