Checklist for race day

What to pack for race day?

When packing for the competition itself, you can advantageously divide the equipment into different piles: Swim, Cycle and Run. In addition, it is also important to consider 'before competition' and 'after competition'.

Before competition: Consider bringing training clothes or coveralls and extra shoes, sunscreen, cycling tools, pump, extra tubes, large bag for wet clothes, towel to dry feet in the transition zone, charged equipment (watch, bike computer, battery for gear), safety pins, tape, elastic bands, bag for all equipment, printed map of the transition zone, race guide and, of course, a clean and prepared bicycle.

After competition: Is it nice to have a towel and whatever you need to get clean, including clean (warm) clothes. If it's been a sunny day, it's a good idea to bring aftersun. It is important to provide plenty of fluids and food. 

• Triathlon clothing (one-piece suit or two-piece suit with tights and top).
• Wet suit
• Swimming goggles (+ a set of backup goggles)
• Bathing cap provided (+ a backup hat)
• The timing chip (usually given out at the meeting) and a velco band (can often be bought at the meeting)
• bathing oil, vaseline or cream for the wetsuit (to avoid scuff marks), which can also be applied to the wrists and ankles to be able to quickly throw off the wetsuit in transition
• scraper/card/xylocaine – should the accident happen, and you are burned by a fireman, it is useful to have something with you to treat irritation.

• Race belt with starting number (in some races this must only be used for the running part)
• Bicycle that can undergo safety checks
• Bicycle helmet that can undergo safety checks
• Cycling shoes
• Socks
• Sunglasses
• Cycling gloves
• Loose legs and sleeves (if it gets cold)
• Drinking bottles + Energy (Gels, bars, salt tablets, etc.)
• Energy products
• Multitool, if the accident is over
• Extra hoses or rings
• Pump (+possibly CO2 cartridges)
• Possibly. elastic bands for cycling shoes

• Runningshoes
• Running cap or visor (sun shade)
• Extra socks or maybe compression socks
• Energy products
• Sunglasses
• Race belt with start number (if not on from the bike)