We often get many of the same inquiries from club members that we have tried to collect in the FAQ below. So before you contact the club via info@tri-club.dk, you should see if your question, and not least the answer, can be found in the list below.

Username/password is synchronized between three of our IT platforms Klubmodulclub website and the club's booking module.

If you cannot log in to booking or the website, you must check the following first:

  1. Your username must be your email address (can be changed to Klubmodul)
  2. Your username must not contain ÆØÅ or strange characters such as ëé or similar.
  3. Although there is a feature on club website to reset the password, it is only via Klubmodul you can do it!
  4. Note you must have successfully logged in club website BEFORE you can enter the club's booking module.

If none of the above helps, you can contact us via info@tri-club.dk

Membership number (formerly called triathlon license or license pass) is used for several major events here in Denmark and not least abroad, where it is usually mandatory. Since 2015, Triathlon Denmark has made it compulsory for all club members to have a licence. Thus, you get a membership number automatically when you join /tri club denmark, regardless of subscription type, which is valid for one year.

To be able to see your membership number (and possibly print it out), you must do the following:

  1. Start by logging in Klubmodul by clicking this LINK (use the same login/password as you have been given for the club's website and booking)
  2. Select MY PROFILE in the right corner by pressing USER MENU
  3. Your member number is in the second row, and you can now press the printer icon at GET MEMBER CARD to generate a PDF file with your member information. You do not need to print it out on paper, but can easily show the passport itself on your mobile phone to the event organizer

Alternatively, you can download Klubmodul as an app. If you have an Android (Google Play Store) phone here LINK, or if you have an iPhone (App Store) here LINK

Overview image in Club module:

International triathlon license (membership number):

Skærmbillede 2016-09-04 kl. 08.33.55

Historically speaking, swimming, and especially those in Bellahøj, has been very popular. The club's administration has previously seen a tendency for people to hoard (overbook) swimming lessons far in the future, but then not get them canceled again.

As a consequence, we will sometimes put in a restriction (only on swimming) that you can only book 1 swimming lesson a week ahead. But this week, you can book as crazy as you want. This is completely deliberate in order to regulate the behaviour.

The problem is not so big today, and fortunately we also have plenty of capacity, so you don't have to be afraid that your favorite swimming time cannot be booked.

Yes, you can freely move your license within Triathlon Denmark's transfer window, which is from 1 November to 1 March. Contact DTriF and we will change your affiliation Klubmodul. You move your license within the transfer window by registering with your new club. When you pay the membership fee with a Dankort at your new club, you will be made aware that you already have a license in another club and you will be asked if it should be moved to the club you are about to join.

Changing clubs outside the window, i.e. March – November, requires permission from both the club you are changing from and the club you are changing to. You must obtain the permits yourself, after which they must be sent to DTriFs mail, who will then see if a dispensation can be granted. You must also state whether you have represented a club at a DM during the period.

If you want to go from a PREMIUM/STUDENT to a BASIC before your subscription expires, you will not be refunded the difference. You must write to info@tri-club.dk and ask the administration to do this.

If you want to convert from BASIC to PREMIUM/STUDENT, you must also write to info@tri-club.dk. You will be asked to pay an amount corresponding to the number of months you have had your BASIC subscription.

You can only convert once during a member's year! And after 12 months you are converted and will be charged full price

For the sake of understanding, we have inserted these three examples:

  1. Peter has been a member as Basic for 5 months and 2 days. He must pay DKK 1000 to be converted to Premium
  2. Lis has been a member as Basic for 8 months and 20 days. She must pay DKK 550. To be converted to Premium
  3. Børge has been a member as Premium for 10 months, and would like to convert down to Basic. He can easily do that, he just gets NO money refunded

It is because club module does not allow you to cancel a subscription where the card information is not updated. The system automatically sends out a notification about payment, but it is marked in red in the same email that the payment information is not up to date. You therefore do not have to take any further action.

You can download the club's logo in Adobe Illustrator .ai format here: LINK

We see many funny attempts, but there is only one correct spelling, and it is not like the one below:
/ Tri Club Denmark
/tri club Denmark
Tri club Denmark
tri Club Denmark
etc etc etc

The correct spelling is /tri club denmark. With a slash. In small letters. And it's in English.

Via http://tri-club.klub-modul.dk/ you can manage your subscription yourself.

  • Log in and view your information under your profile information.
  • Under USER MENU in the top right corner: click on MY REGISTRATIONS

There will be two ways to opt out:

  • A) Either press the RED bar where it says "STOP MEMBERSHIP - CLICK HERE".


  • B) If instead you see an ORANGE bar stating that your "YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED FOR SUBSCRIPTION PAYMENT", you will automatically be unsubscribed when your subscription expires. Your payment card has not been updated, and your account will therefore not be debited, and your subscription will stop at the end of the year from when you last purchased/renewed your subscription. ATTENTION! You will probably get reminders 14 days before, and typically also the day before, which you can simply ignore.


The club receives payment either via the payment card below, or via direct bank transfer.

We also accept payment via MobilePay no. is 21110 (it says /tri club denmark as recipient). There is a fee of DKK 1, so if you have to pay something that costs DKK 1999, you must pay DKK 2000.

For general bank transfers or e.g. foreign transfers, the following can be used

Bank: Spar Nord, registration number: 8125 account number: 1250042511
IBAN: DK5881251250042511

CVR: 35187235


There are only 3 pages on the website which are locked to anyone other than the club's own members.

  1. Administration page: https://tri-club.dk/admin/
  2. Kaisersport page: https://tri-club.dk/kaisersport-hovedsponser/
  3. Partnership site: https://tri-club.dk/sponsorer-samarbejdspartnere/


The reason is that these three pages contain information about discount schemes or other content that we only want to remain for the club's paying members. And that is why they are locked off. You will also receive a message if you try to access these under the INFO tab without being logged in.

You log in by pressing the PROFILE icon, with a gear on it in the top left corner of the website. The login/password is the same as you use for the Club module and booking! If you want to change your password, you can do so on Klubmodul's website.