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50 Danish kroner.



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The club's training locations

You can click on the individual locations and see the exact address or additional information


Swimming (indoors):

  • Emdrup Bad
  • Østerbro swimming hall
  • Hillerødsgade
  • Sankt Annæs Gymnasium swimming pool
  • Tingbjerg swimming hall Kildeskovens swimming hall
  • Bellahøj (all 25m pools)


Swimming (outdoors):

  • Charlottenlund Fort
  • Swan Mill Beach
  • Amager Strandpark
  • Sandkajen Bathing area
  • Fisketorvet Havnebasin


Cycling (outside):

  • The Farum route (from Mosehuset)
  • Ironman Copenhagen route
  • The Øresund Triathlon route
  • The FastTrack (Nordhavn)
  • Helsingør->Gilleleje->Hillerød->Charlottenlund route
  • Chain route
  • Tonseren (Amager)
  • and many more

Spinning (within):

  • FitnessX (Carlsberg Byen)


Running (always outside):

  • Søndermarken
  • Vestre Kirkegård (Western Cemetery)
  • Sankt Annæ (next to the swimming location)
  • Østerbro Stadium
  • Dyrehaven
  • Around Copenhagen


We have training with instructors for the whole week - approx. 15 training sessions each week.

There is a special emphasis on swimming, as we know from previous seasons that this is what is in the greatest demand, although it is also what takes up the least amount of time in a quarter, half or full ironman.

For you experienced triathletes, the season is slowly coming to an end, and you are starting to look forward to next year and more new challenges.

For other and newer athletes, it is the time when you set your first goal of completing a triathlon for next year – be it a sprint, an Olympic distance, a half ironman or the full distance.

You can always see our current schedule (which varies depending on what time of year we are) here:

Try triathlon for free in Copenhagen with us

Do you want to try the sport and feel what the training is like before becoming a member? You can!

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/tri club denmark is a club for you, regardless of whether you want to train with the club, whether you have your own trainer or want to do most of the training yourself.

Please read this page to see what we can offer you, at what prices and why we thought we had something to offer just you.

Please note that we do not have annoying waiting lists. You can sign up today - the subscription is valid from the moment you pay and for one year.

You can. We currently collaborate with which is a Danish online recruitment agency that advertises via Facebook where we have free trial hours. We sometimes switch out the training classes, which we offer as trial classes. 

If you are in doubt, write to and ask for a free trial lesson before signing up. You can choose which discipline you want to try.

In /tri club denmark we have two simple subscription types (BASIC / PREMIUM). In addition, we have a support subscription for family, friends and acquaintances of a club member. And finally an additional subscription, an opportunity for members of BASIC to purchase a single training session, which is otherwise only reserved for the PREMIUM subscription. Simple. Sign up today and train tomorrow! Your subscription is valid for a whole year, from the date you sign up!

We are a club that takes complete beginners in and must first learn to swim, cycle and run.

But we also accept members who want to qualify for full or half Ironman championships, or ITU championships.

As well as all regular Age Groupers who lie in between.

With 4 levels within each discipline, you will be able to choose the level you are at and start there, e.g. if you are a beginner swimmer, but fairly good at cycling, and really fast at running - then you can be pushed and have your training adapted to three different levels depending on the discipline.

Payment can be made in several ways, either via the credit card or bank transfer (via SPAR NORD). In an emergency, we can also accept MobilePay payments, but this is only if you do not have any of the other existing options (due to the higher fees for the club). 

We support the following:


If you have read the above information and want to buy a subscription in /tri club denmark (regardless of whether it is Premium or Basic), you must follow the instructions below.

Note, you can get a single free trial lesson (swimming, cycling, running) before you sign up - just use Motivu, or write to:

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  2. Create a profile by clicking on "create profile" in the top menu in Club Module* (if you already have a profile, simply log in).
    Please note your “USERNAME” MUST be your email address!
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*Klubmodul is an online tool for sports associations and sports clubs to manage memberships. It is today a "de facto" standard tool that /tri club Denmark also uses. However, we are not associated with the website itself, but we use it to manage members' subscription types etc.