Board of Directors

The board of /tri club Denmark is as follows (2023-2024):

  • Kohulan Theva (Formand)
  • Peter Egede (Kasserer)
  • Gitte Klitgaard (Næstformand)
  • Jonathan Melchiorsen
  • Adrián Moreno Peña
  • Vivian Pucher
  • Karthik Sharma

1st alternate: Que Son Vu

If you have questions or comments for the board, do not hesitate to send them to


/tri club denmark is organized with a board at the top, which is elected at the general meeting. The board has set up a number of committees, which consist of ordinary club members, coaches/instructors and board members.

The club therefore consists of the following committees:

Training committee

  • Booking and coordination of training times
  • Coordinating with the trainers and ensuring the training red thread
  • Recruitment and training training

Communications Committee

  • Internal communication – how should we communicate with the members – e.g. newsletters
  • External communication – Instagram and Facebook
  • Welcome to new members and follow-up
  • Partnership management
    • The IT committee is part of the communication committee

Activity committee:

  • Arranging and organizing professional lectures
  • Social events (club party, cheer events)
  • Recruit volunteers for other races so the club can make money