Swimming lessons

Swimming for all levels

Swimming is more technically demanding than running and cycling. At the same time, it is also the discipline where the individual's starting prerequisites are very different. As in the other disciplines, we would like to embrace both you who want to learn how to swim freestyle and those who have previously swum competitively. Here, too, we offer teaching at different levels - you can find out about these levels further down under the section "Levels". Note: Level 1 is the fastest.

From September to May, we offer swimming every day except Sunday. On some days, you even have the option of swimming both morning and evening. From the end of May to the end of September, we also swim outdoors in both open water and the harbor swimming pools. The start and end time for the outdoor season may vary slightly from year to year (depending on the water temperature, which should preferably be slightly above 13 degrees)



You can swim 400m below 6:30 minutes



You can swim 400m between 6.31 – 7:15 minutes



You can swim 400m between 7:16-8:00 minutes



You can swim over 400m 8:00 minutes

“We make sport great.”


We use the following swimming pools. Please note that in some of the places you must have an access card or write a messenger message to the coach in order to be allowed in (as they might not be open to the public):

  • Emdrup Badet (København Ø): sig du kommer fra /tri club denmark i receptionen, der er intet kort.
  • Frankrigsgade swimming pool: say you come from /tri club denmark at the reception, there is no card.
  • Hillerød Gade Svømmehal (Nørrebro): sig du kommer fra /tri club denmark i receptionen, der er intet kort.
  • Verterbro Svømmehal (Vesterbro)
  • Bellahøj (Brønshøj)

You can find out about these halls at this link: Team baths.

Miscellaneous information