What do we offer?

Triathlon is a fun, healthy and versatile form of exercise which consists of swimming, cycling and running. If you want to get in shape and want a versatile workout, then triathlon is for you. With the support of Triathlon Denmark and the Nordea Foundation, we would like to invite you to an 8-week start-up course, for only DKK 200. here starting in December and until the end of January.

We have two target groups with the program that we want to attract:
1) The adult-beginner target group without a particular sports background: People who do not see themselves as triathletes, but who have the courage for training, which is tailored for beginners.

2) Adult self-trainer target group. We know there are many, also in the capital area, who for various reasons train on their own. We are primarily looking for beginners, those of you who may only have a few years of experience at the most, or perhaps you have tried and given up on practicing the sport on your own.

We will have 2 training sessions every week for 8 weeks - where there are two instructors, so we ensure that everyone gets good instruction. We will also do the training on the same days, at the same times, as our regular training takes place, as far as possible. The focus is to have fun and give yourself a good experience, with others at the same level in a safe environment. We have countless stories of people who couldn't run, swim or cycle very far and soon after were bitten by the sport.
We know there is a need for many Copenhageners to get out and move around and be with other people. So here is a good possible. Bring your friend, family member, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife etc. For us as a club, we naturally want some of you to join the club after completing the 8-week training course - so our task is to give you a good experience and introduction to triathlon. The introductory course starts already in the first week of December and lasts for 8 weeks until the end of January. If you want to hear more, take part in one of our two held intro meetings, which you can register for free at the top of this page.


In the 8 weeks of the start-up course, the focus is on crawling and swimming technique with one of the club's skilled trainers. It is of course an advantage that you can swim a little, but not a requirement.



You will be introduced to spinning in SATS Nygårdsvej / Amager Strandpark, where we run through the winter at the club. The advantage of training on a spinning bike indoors, especially for beginners, is that we ride according to the WATT figure - which is individual. So regardless of whether you are a complete novice or already have experience, it is the same training and the same experience.



Based on running, we do different intervals, partner and group games and running-specific strength training together with the club's other members. We run outside, but typically on a circuit, so everyone can join.

We hope you would like to join. If you have any questions, please feel free to write to or visit us at Facebook and Instagram or the club's Homepage